Because being beautiful is about what you do, not how you look.


The Body Shop gave resources to WSPA (The World Society for the Protection of Animals) to drive awareness for a cause of their choice through in-store promotion and a digital campain focussing on a website to collect signatures.


To gather as many signatures as possible for the Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare (UDAW).


When you do beautiful things, you are beautiful... translating to "you can use this ink to make yourself beautiful by signing the UDAW". We placed ink in-store as a beauty product and used drawing your friends with ink as a way to encourage social sharing.

Visitors arrive at a microsite where they find an ink pot and quill pen, and are invited to draw pictures of their friends. They're able to share the pictures along with a link to sign the declaration. The ink was sensitive to the users' actions, it became thicker with pressure and pauses.

1 in 3 customers signed and the campaign was taken up by an additional 460 stores in North America.

Client:WSPA with The Body Shop

Role:Art Direction

Type:Integrated Campaign







participation in-store



of customer goal


return visits online


Out of home: Silver
The Caples
Ambient Guerilla Marketing: Bronze
Branded Web site: Finalist
MADC Awards
Best Direct Response Advertising: Silver