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Mercedes-Benz don't do sales events, but in 2009 they had a situation where the changes in the luxury car tax and the global financial chrisis had left them with too many cars.


We were asked to come up with a campaign that could move a lot of cars very quickly without tarnishing their luxury brand.


Mercedes-Benz had a reputation for not being open to price negotiation, for the audience it was exciting just to hear that for two months they would be.

Chris Taylor conceived of the extremely strong TV and print campaign. He took a classic sales standard, "stocks are limited and time's running out", and the merged it with the audiences' rare opportunity. Running frequent ads with diminishing numbers of cars and days clearly showed the urgency. The concept was simple and direct with a sophisticated tone, but what might not be immediately obvious about it: it was extremely brave to run a campaign that relied on cars selling in huge numbers.

As it turned out, it was perfectly judged and Mercedes-Benz sold all the cars. They came back on course to meet their end of year sales target and the campaign won a lot of awards, including effectiveness awards.

I came up with, designed, and art directed the digital campaign elements, which are another interpretation of the message that time and cars are running out.


The clock picked up the time on the viewers computer.

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Role:Art Director

Type:Integrated Campaign


...defining marketing campaign for the Australian car industry this year. Phil King - Motoring editor, The Australian


Best Idea: Silver

Effectiveness Award, Automotive: Silver

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