What do I do?

I design comfortable, efficient experiences by matching products to people.

User Research

User research for designing user experiences involves learning who your users are, how they already do what your software enables, how that fits into their work or life, and how they feel about your software, or software idea.
Performing surveys, interviews, and workshops.
Delivering personas, use cases, user stories, workflows, requirements, ideas, and validation of existing ideas.

User Experience Design

Making the most usable and enjoyable user interfaces means taking what's been learned from real users through user research, user testing, accessibility requirements, personas, and functionality.
Performing brainstorms, research sessions, card sorts, surveys, workflow modelling, and prototyping.
Delivering information architecture, user workflows, prototypes, demos, wireframes, ideas, UI paradigms, and UI patterns.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing removes hunches and guesswork by revealing how users expect your product to work. We gather insights by watching actual users performing tasks. Then UIs can be revised to align with real-world mental models and remove any confusion.
Performing moderated or unmoderated usability testing, and accessibility testing.
Delivering use cases, paper prototypes, and clickable prototypes.

GUI Design

I'm an award-winning Art Director with awards for effectiveness as well as digital design. I apply graphic and communication design to GUIs to make sure information flows and users can quickly see the purpose and functionality in a screen. I can attract attention and evoke feelings for your product.
Performing graphic design, typography, branding, communication design, data visaulisation.
Delivering digital designs, user interfaces.

How I work

  • Inclusive

    Bringing Clients, Stakeholders, Product Managers, Engineers, and anyone interested along on the UX journey makes for a more enjoyable job and better results. I can provide training when a team wants to ramp up user testing, UI design, or user workflow modelling.

  • Transparent

    My process leaves a clear trail of deliverables illustrating how your UX has been designed. Everything is recorded and shared, so your busy, dispersed, team can engage in UX as much as they like, whenever they are available.

  • Designer

    I'm a designers' designer; passionate about beauty as well as functionality. Making UIs feel right for their purpose and brand is second nature to me. My interactive design work has won several design and effectiveness awards and I have a degree in graphic design.

  • Agile

    I'm trained in Disciplined Agile Delivery and at home in JIRA and Confluence. I'm really comfortable working with project development teams and on large or small projects.

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